Mastering Your Event's Social Media Presence: The Path to Authentic Engagement

In our digitally-saturated lives, mastering social media for event promotion has become indispensable. Insights from the Hootsuite 2024 Social Media Consumer Report shed light on user expectations towards brands on social platforms, offering a roadmap for what to embrace and avoid in event communication. Here’s how to apply these learnings.

Do's for Social Media Event Strategy:

    • Prioritize Authenticity Users crave brands that communicate authentically and sincerely. Ensure your messaging aligns with your event’s identity and reflects your values. Backstage stories, participant testimonials, and sharing challenges enhance this authenticity.

    • Inspire Through Content Content that educates, inspires, or entertains resonates deeply. Focus on crafting content that not only promotes your event but also enriches your audience. This could include webinars, speaker interviews, or tips related to your event’s theme.

    • Foster Community Participation Social media thrives on dialogue. Boost interactions by asking questions, conducting polls, or initiating challenges. Active community participation elevates engagement and visibility for your event.

Don'ts for Social Media Event Strategy:

    • Avoid Over-Promotion While the goal is to promote your event, an overload of purely promotional content can dampen engagement. Balance your content strategy by interspersing educational or entertaining posts amongst your announcements and calls to action.

    • Don’t Ignore Audience Feedback Overlooking comments or queries can signal a lack of appreciation for your community’s engagement. Respond promptly and thoughtfully to show you value and appreciate their participation.

    • Avoid Making Unfulfillable Promises Trust is paramount in your relationship with your audience. Avoid making promises you cannot keep, whether related to content, guests, or experiences. Transparency and honesty are key.


The key to a successful social media event strategy lies in balancing authenticity, engagement, and valuable content. By adhering to these guidelines, informed by the Hootsuite 2024 Social Media Consumer Report insights, you can sidestep common pitfalls and strengthen your relationship with your audience, ensuring your event’s success .

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